Faubourg – Parisian apartment renovation (10th district)


Order :


Contracting Authority:



100 000 euros / 65 m²

Calendar :

May 2016 > October 2016

Status :


In the 10th district of Paris, we discover the attic of a working-class building, composed of 1870 apartments on R+3 in a private courtyard. We create a metallic floor and increase the surface in order to restore the attic. The principal level becomes an open and cozy living room. The attic shelters the intimate rooms, illuminated by zenith openings and generous windows at the low level, and facing the openings, guaranteeing light and privacy. A metal staircase, hanging from the ceiling, connects both levels. Depending on the use and room, the already existing bricks are painted or treated. The parquet is varnished. For the furniture, present all over the house, we chose cement tiles, Corian and oak. As the main character of the project, the furniture adapts to the needs of each room: dressing room, kitchen, dining room, hall closet, living room. The rest of the furniture items are reworked to find a second life.