DOSE Jules Joffrin- Layout of a cafe in the 18th arrondissement of Paris

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74 sqm / including 31 m2 of sales space

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finish in mai 2022

Cafe Dose Jules Joffrin has moved into a 74 m² space in Jules Joffrin in the 18th neighborhood of Paris, a dynamic and eclectic neighborhood. The identity of the place is the result of a composition and dialogue between the existing stone building and the natural and bio-sourced materials in keeping with the spirit of the brand. The cleaning work revealed various materials (cast iron posts, metal beams, brick and Saint-Maximin stone walls). The project was thus readapted in order to preserve as much as possible the characteristics of the site and to highlight the raw materials, the marks of the changes to the existing building. As the existing space develops along its length, the project offers solutions for opening up and expanding. On the one hand, it is open to the outside with an oak facade composed of large glazed and sliding panels, which provides direct interaction between the interior and the exterior and a certain visibility in the immediate environment; on the other hand, it is free of any internal partitioning, which makes the kitchen visible from all sides, opening up both to the dining room and to the street with a take-away system. It is a staging of the preparation from the room as well as from the public space. The choice of materials was guided by the desire for homogeneity and to propose an image that is both raw and natural while maintaining a bright and warm space:
- The floor and the counter are made of Terrazzo, a sustainable, handcrafted material made from glass scraps, which brings clarity and uniformity to the space.
- The stairs are treated in wood, echoing the exterior façade.
- The stainless steel of the kitchen reflects the light and contributes to the artisanal and functional atmosphere of the place, stripped of all artifice.
- A large polished brass wall panel is cut into the existing wall. Its mirror effect gives depth to the room and reflects the light coming from outside.
- The second-hand furniture and decoration were either found (chairs, cast-iron table legs) or chosen from manufacturers using reuse (tables and shelves in recycled plastic terrazzo for example).