Papillon – Market hall creation in a residential neighbourhood of the rural town of Bouffémont (95)




Contracting Authority:

City of Bouffémont


300 000 euros / 200 m²


Summer of 2017 > Summer of 2018


Scheme design

Recently awarded for our first public deal with Lâme studio, we increase our trips to Bouffémont by motorbike or train, heading to this rural town North of Paris. We prepared the construction of a market hall in the heart of the town, that we believe is ready to undergo some changes. We are in close collaboration with the landscaping team in charge of the development of the adjacent public area, which we imagine a simple hall in wood frame – both local resource and ability – supported by France Habitation operation, currently under renovation. This is a pleasant and welcoming area. The weft is rational and the project is adjustable. The public space can be extended to allow the organization of parties or even a Christmas market, without underestimating the usual hall’s shopkeepers. Open, it becomes attractive, while the wooden walls shelter the temporary sellers. Closed, it disappears.