Graduated respectively from the ETSAM in Madrid and the ENSAPLV in Paris, Angel Menendez and Alexandre Lahyani, met at Milou Architecture studio, where they developed cultural projects such as Carreau du Temple in Paris or la Comédie in Saint Etienne. Fueled by their professional experiences in France and abroad, in June 2013, they partnered to create atelier LÂME, an architecture studio located in Paris. Atelier LÂME works on different scale of projects such as 101 housings in Madrid (Es), the building of a Market hall in Bouffémont (95), or the restructuring of the reception and the bar of the Carreau du Temple in Paris (75). Since 2019, atelier LÂME started a project about the rehabilitation and extension of the centre culturel Malraux in Verrières-le-Buisson (91) in collaboration with Cadmée. The company has also recently won the competition for the construction of a multi-activity room and a youth space in Puilboreau (17).



Alexandre Lahyani – Associate architect

Angel Menendez – Associate architect

Meriam Berrima – Architect

Bénédicte Reymond – Architect

José Roldan – Architect

Eva Passama – Communication manager

Nour Fares – Intern